Global Network - PT. Cemani Toka
Head Office
Jl. Landbaw Km 2,5 Desa Sanja
Citeureup Bogor 16810
Jawa Barat - Indonesia
Tel: +62-21-8763333
Fax: +62-21-8762060, 8763067
Global Network

T & K TOKA Co.,Ltd. Japan has developed its business through the T & K TOKA's Global Network. Overseas markets are developed based on the principle of sincere participation in the welfare of the country and the surrounding communities.

As part of the T & K TOKA's Global Network, PT. Cemani Toka is cooperating fully with and receives full technical aid in the form of expert training for its personnel in Japan, to keep in pace with advances in ink technology in line with current developments in the graphics industry.

Our proven capability in terms of speed and accuracy in the production of printing ink have earned us the trust of Pantone Inc., USA, to produce colored printing ink in accordance with the Pantone Color Guide.

We also cooperate with Day International Inc., USA, a prominent blanket producer in America, in the marketing of their product. Additionally, we also sell other high-quality imported graphics-support products.

We excellent technical knowledge and management, we are more than ready to enter the era of globalization and compete in the world market.